Marajowi needs your support

In the autumn of 2010, we spent 45 days volunteering in Nkhata Bay, in Malawi, together with a UK-based charity organisation (Chimwemwe Umbrella). Through it we came into contact with a group of roughly 40 vulnerable kids (i.e. orphans and/or extremely poor) between 4 and 12. During that time we realised how essential education is for these kids and, once back in Europe, we founded Stichting Marajowi.

Marajowi takes its name from that of the 4 children who touched our hearts more deeply: MAlita, RAmos, JOyce and WItness.

“The only way to be happy is to give happiness to others”.

Marajowi is fully committed to ensuring that all the children have the basic things they need for school and are in good health. The final aim is to have the kids completely independent and able to take care of themselves in their grown up lives. We have been following Malita, Ramos, Joyce and Witness since 2010. By now they are teenagers, they are getting a good education, good living conditions and they are as healthy as possible. In 2015 we took onboard 2 more kids: Katie and Gift. They also attend a school now and are receiving proper education and care.