A day at Kande Beach

Kande beach

It is our last weekend in Malawi and the kids ask us if we can go to a special place: Kande beach. Apparently here it is seen as an exotic resort everyone knows, but nobody has been to. It is relatively far and expensive. Definitely too much for their pockets. So we agree to spend a day there.

The ride back and forth with a taxi for all of us costs approximately 30 EUR and we need to pay 1.5 EUR each to access the beach.

It is a totally deserted and pristine beach. There is a lot of wind. The noise of the wind and of the waves makes it hard to talk, but it is beautiful. It is very hot despite the wind, but we soon understand we can’t really enter the water. The kids say there are crocodiles. We are not sure whether it is true or just a legend, but it is definitely better not to take the risk!

Taking pictures is definitely the thing of the day. Ramos and Wit shoot hundreds them with their new mobiles. Gift gets hold of our camera and does the same. Even Kattie, normally so shy, is totally into taking selfies.

We enjoy our time there a lot! We are all super-relaxed. The kids are far from their home and school environment. They know nobody here and so they are totally themselves. It is really nice to experience!

When we have enough of the beach, we go in the bar area. Here we have a lot of fun playing table football (they really have no idea how to play it), pool, table tennis and some more traditional games (for us harder to get).

We need to be back in Nkhata bay before dinner time. We will be meeting Mtisunge for the first time… The ride back is very quiet since everyone falls asleep. They were right. Kande Beach is a special place!

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