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A glimpse in ‘our’ wallet

Looking back to Marajowi’s wallet for the year 2018-2019, we can only say that your support has been great. If you remember, in September 2019 we had quite a shortage of money. However, at the end we were able to pay for each and every expense Marajowi had. During the year, thanks to your donations and to the funds we collected through different activities, we got 16.226 EUR in Marajowi’s wallet. We spent 14.393 EUR on our kids (as you know, the money we raise are not used for bank and administration expenses. We cover for them ourselves).

Budget overview 2018-2019

This means that we are starting the new school year (2019-2020) with 1833 EUR already in the wallet. We have distributed them already through the different items. In order to keep sponsoring all the usual activities, we need much much more…

Also this year we will try and organise fundraising activities. As always let us know in case you have ideas that you are willing to promote. And keep following us and spreading the word about Marajowi.


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