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A glimpse into the summer

Sun, fun and sand

As you might have imagined we were enjoying the summer time, that’s why we did not share with you any news for a while. Luckily also the Marajowi kids were enjoying the summer break (and they still are). They all headed back to Nkhata Bay and spent time with their families. From what we heard they had a great time and went often to swim at Chikale Bay. As often Witness and Ramos are those who sent us pictures while having fun.

Malita instead spent her summer at the Bandawe School together with some caretaker. Just before the break she received the bag of clothes which was sent to her. She was extremely happy with it, as visible from the pictures we got.

By the end of september they will all be back in school. We are now busy organising all the logistics and the shopping together with Clement. More updates soon!

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