A good change for Gift

Life at WEF was getting difficult, now that all the other Marajowi kids left. Gift was getting bullied and the level of education was rapidly going down. For all these reasons, after discussing with his grandparents, with Clement and, of course with Gift, we decided it was time for a change, a good one.

As of last April, Gift has joined Stella’s school, Trust Academy. All teachers love him and he is extremely happy. It was a big change for him, since this is not a boarding school. He is now living together with Clement and his family. And he is so happy he doesn’t want to go to Nkhata Bay for the school break. He’d rather prefer his grandparents to go and visit him.

We are really glad this change worked out so well.

There is just a hic up: this year, schools decided to run 4 trimesters (instead of the usual 3). The last one will start on 14th June and we need to pay a full fee for that. Any help is greatly appreciated. If based in NL, you can scan the QR code here to send a Tikkie.

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