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A morning with Grace

Grace is the engine behind Clement’s family and, though in the shadow, she is often supporting Marajowi too.

If you remember not too long ago, she opened a shop. That had always been one of her dreams. When Clement lost his own job at the end of 2021, few months later she had to sell her shop too. They had no longer money to make it profitable and so it was necessary to do a step back.

In all there years, we have known Grace as a strong, smart woman, determined to grow her children so that they can build their own future and to help others wherever possible. That’s exactly what she does for Marajowi too.

Recently we asked her to describe us one of her days. She stopped at the morning, but the image she gave of it was extremely clear. We summarised it in the infographic below. She really is the engine which keeps the family going! We are glad you are there Grace and you have our deepest respect!

Grace's activities

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