A nice chat with Mtisunge

All together

We have to hurry to come back from Kande beach, since we finally get the chance to meet Mtisunge. This morning she has travelled all the way from Livingstonia to hear just to have dinner with us. Tomorrow she will leave again, taking 6 more hours to go back. It is a pity that we did not manage to go there ourselves. It would have saved her quite some trouble, but we are glad she came instead.

Our first impression is very good and it gets confirmed during the rest of the evening. She is a very mature girl and she is not shy to talk. She is very determined about what she wants to do in life: finish university and then work in the sustainability world. Probably in order to do this she will have to leave Malawi but she is open to that and very optimistic in general.

She tells her a lot about her university: rules are very strict there. And there are rules for everything. Clothes have always to be very decent and traditional, alcohol is absolutely prohibited (or you will be suspended). interaction within boys and girls is not encouraged and their dormitories literally are 1km apart from each other. Also in this case, if caught with a boy she would be immediately suspended (and the boy too). We joke a lot about all these rules also with the other kids (who are also having dinner with us).

Mtisunge reminds us once again about how grateful she is for what Marajowi is doing for her. She understands that we cannot do more, but she has a dream: to have a laptop. If she had a laptop studying would be much easier for her, since all lessons are online. Printing all the school material costs her money and she is using her food money for it. This means that often she has only one meal per day. We promise her that we will look around and see what we can do.

It is almost getting dark, so it is time for us all to go back to our homes. Tomorrow it will be our last day with the kids and we are planning a dance party. We are really curious and sad at the same time. After tomorrow the kids will go back to school and we will go back to Europe.

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