After two trimesters at Wukani

A couple of weeks before Easter, all the children went back to Nkhata Bay for the Easter break (1 month). They have now spent two trimesters at Wukani. Before leaving the schools they got their results.

Witness was very proud to be the 3rd best in his class. Apparently he wrote us a letter to inform us about it. We will post it as soon as we receive it. Joyce did also very good, being the 8th of her class. Unfortunately it did not go equally fine for Ramos. His results were not good at all. As a consequence, the school teachers decided that during the summer break Ramos will stay back at school for at least a month to get some extra private lessons and hopefully catch up with the rest of his class.

We were informed by both Gresham and Clement Gumbo (one of Ramos’s teachers) that school fees have increased.
The new prices are:
– 65.000 Kwa (approximately 300 euro) for Ramos
– 70.000 Kwa (approximately 320 euro) for Joyce and Witness.

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