An Empty Bottle for Milk


Do you use plastic or glass bottles? Do they have a deposit on them? Why not turn this deposit money into something useful?

This October join us in the campaign ‘An Empty Bottle for Milk’

How does it work? It is easy! We are not asking you to do something you don’t already do. We are sure, every time you use a plastic or glass bottle you bring it back to the supermarket to cash its deposit in. Just keep doing the same, BUT make a note of all the money you are cashing in and at the end of the month transfer them to Marajowi (via bank or Tickie, whatever is easier for you).

How are we going to use the money? We will convert them in glasses of milk!

As you may know, we are supporting the Bandawe School for the hearing Impaired in Malawi, since Malita moved there. The school hosts 80 students with this disability. The teachers are very dedicated people with outstanding commitment, but the school gets hardly any money from the government. This means that the students live on cassava flour and beans. We would love to help giving them a more nutricious diet, by adding 3 glasses of milk per week for each of them. The cost for this is 15 EUR/week.

If you’d like to join let us know and we will be glad to share more details, on Malita, Bandawe or on Marajowi in general.

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