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Another big milestone for Joyce

Milestone for JoyceDuring the past 9 years we have seen Joyce under many different perspectives. She just made it to another big milestone. Our little princess with a sweet smile just graduated from primary school!!! Joyce still has her sweet big smile, but she now is a very well determined young lady. She knows what she wants in life and she has been studying hard for this moment. Following extra classes and multiple sessions of mock exams in a school nearby Mzuzu she has worked really hard lately. The exams still have to take place, but the graduation ceremony was scheduled for last week Friday, just a couple of days after her 16th birthday.

Clement was there. He actually told us he ‘could have never left Joyce alone on such a day!’ and he took plenty of pictures 😊

Like Ramos and Witness before her, Joyce is now asking for a passport as a reward of this achievement. We will certainly support her with this. Do you want to contribute to it? Just let us know. It would be greatly appreciated!

We will keep you posted also on the outcome of the coming exams (which however will be known only after the summer).

Joyce’s goal is to pass with best marks so that she can be selected for a good governmental school. When we were with her in November, she told us she wants to go far from Nkhata Bay. We feel South Africa (where her mum lives) might still be her final dream destination, but she never said anything about that. On the opposite she complained that her mum doesn’t call her any longer. Anyhow this is something for the future. For the moment we are really proud of our lady princess!

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