Are we growing an entrepreneur?

In the course of the years we have learnt to know different sides of the personalities of our kids. Lately we are discovering Ramos’s entrepreneur spirit. 

From the first time we met him, back in 2010, it was immediately clear that Ramos liked all what has to do with technology, be it a camera, a computer or a smartphone. Through the years this passion of his stayed unchanged or rather became more and more obvious. Recently he informed us that when he can he is helping out other people with technology issues. Most of the people in Malawi have a mobile phone nowadays, many are very outdated ones, other are smartphones, but not everyone knows how to operate them. That’s where Ramos comes into the picture. The best part of it is that apparently when he goes for this little jobs he dresses up for them. Even though his services are completely free, he says he wants to look professional. If I think of IT people, a suit or a tie are the last thing I would relate with them. Ramos obviously has a different image of this. So he puts on his best suit, the same he uses to go to church… 

We hope he will be able to cultivate this passion and make a real professional life out of it, but only time will tell…

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