Marajowi Malawi,Nkhata Bay At home but no lockdown

At home but no lockdown

Everyone is at home, but there is no lockdown…for the moment. After quite some tension, there was an injunction against the malawian president. This put the the lockdown on hold till the 29th April when the court will decide. Lockdown is a very dangerous choice for a country like Malawi where the high majority of the population lives beyond the poverty levels. The risks of people dying of hunger is extremely high. No one can afford to store food at home for 21 days. Moreover the community spirit and the large number of people living under the same roof make even social distancing a mere utopia.

So, while the number of official infected is still only 33, our kids are at home, having fun with their friends and hoping for the best.

Witness sent us some pictures today, together with Joyce too.

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