Back to school

Back to school

After a bit less than a month at home, it is time for the Marajowi kids to go back to school. Joyce, Gift and Katie went already on the 7th. Ramos and Witness delayed their departure of one day, since Ramos had malaria. Anyhow as far as we know they all had a good time in Nkhata Bay with their families and friends.

Witness spent a lot of time with his beloved grandma, met his brother for the first time and finally managed to get to be a bit closer to the girl he fancies. Ramos had a bit of a troubled time because of his father’s drinking problems, but eventually he went back to school in a very positive mood. He also has a new love and a bettered relationship with his mum. Joyce had a lot of fun with his friends and spent quite some time dancing. We heard less from Katie and Gift but we hope to send updates soon. We also heard that Donnah, Frighton’s sister in law, was admitted to the university in Livingstonia.

In the meanwhile we will continue from where we paused the stories of our trip to Malawi. Keep following us!

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