Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals on Marajowi? Yes sure! Check our Silent Auction!!

Only for approximately 24h, starting from tonight after 9pm, there is a big sale of all the items we could discount. Check it out! it will only last till tomorrow, 29th Nov, at 10pm !!!

Have you checked it out already? There are cakes to buy, food-related workshop to join, dance sessions, artistic items, super discounted museum tickets, tickets for theatre and even super discounted guided tours in Paris, Rome, Utrecht and in the Zwolle area. Do your children love to play with Slime? Why not send them to a slime workshop? Are you struggling with multiple languages in your house? Attend a Workshop on Bilinguism from an assistant professor at the utrecht university… There is something for everyone. Don’t miss your chance!

These are great Black friday deals: you get your discount and children in Malawi get  milk and meat. It is a one time chance!

After that there are approximately 24h more of normal prices and then the auction is closed.

Don’t miss your chance! Get your Black Friday deals today!

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