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Blind date…with a book

Do you love reading? Have you ever gone on a blind date with a book? Let us set you up with a story.

Regardless of how many times our parents have told us not to, we do often judge books by their cover. This one is your chance to explore materials you may not otherwise pick up. Take your chance!!

We have approximately 70 books ready for you. They are all second-hand books, all in very good conditions. The vast majority is in English, but we also have a few in Italian. Genres varies from action to detective to fantasy to history to fiction. We also have a few self-help books.

We are now busy writing the clues and wrapping the books up. Sale will start in the second week of March.

Till then we will start posting some pics of the mystery books. If you see something you like just let us know. You can also indicate which is your favourite genre and we will try to match it. Alternatively, you can leave it all to us and we will surprise you!

You will pay 15 EUR each for the first 2 books, 10 EUR from the third book on. This means spreading the voice on this sale comes to your advantage too. If you place one single order with a group of friends, you will all get your book at a lower price.

As always, 100% of the collected funds will be used to cover Marajowi’s expenses. So don’t miss this chance….Everybody has a story…

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