Marajowi Donations,Fundraising Books for a cause: how it works

Books for a cause: how it works

A book never has to be judged by the cover: that’s why we are organising a blind date with a book for you!

How does it work? We have approximately 70 books (crimes, biographies, science fiction, historical novels, romances, self help etc). they are all second hand, but in good conditions and they are nicely packed up in brown paper.  On it you can find a few hints about the book: the genre, some comments, something about the plot. You can pick as many books as you like.

For the first 2 books you will pay 15 EUR each. The  rest of the books on the same order, will be just 10 EUR. As always 100% of the money will go to Marajowi and will be used by Ramos and Witness to buy the equipment needed to start their business up.



If you are in Utrecht, you are free to come by my place to browse through the books  on Wednesday 6th April between 9 and 12 or between 17.30 and 20 or on Sunday 10th April between 16.00 and 19.00.


Please do not forget to tell me in advance if you are planning to come and when. You can write to to inform me about that!

Alternatively, we will put photos of the books online and you can pick up from there. We can then agree on the best delivery mode/times.

The holiday season is coming up and this is the best chance you get to stock on books for your holidays. You certainly will find some pleasant surprises! Don’t miss this opportunity to buy some good books and at the same time help others.


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