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Clement Stuart & Frighton

Surprised to read the words ‘business meetings’ mentioned within the Marajowi bog? Well, after all also at Marajowi we do have a lot of administrative tasks to take care of and really a lot of management to do. We obviously have to administer the donations you send us and manage our relationship with the kids and their families.

Who is helping us achieve all this? As said many times, Marajowi would not be able to survive without the precious help from Clement, Stuart and Frighton. We like to say they are the engine to make this happen. Their daily tasks are multiple:  communication with the families, with the teachers as well as with the children. They make sure they get their school uniforms, grocery done and the occasional medical check ups. They are also the ones who take care of the transport of the kids and their families. Last but not least, they organise all the local events and are responsible to share all the updates with us.

Today for the first time we sit all together around a table to discuss about the future and the challenges for Marajowi. It is a very nice discussion during which we underline once more our objectives. Marajowi is meant to provide the kids with education (school education or skills to do a job) so that in the future they will be able to provide a living for themselves. At the moment we are not planning on taking more kids onboard. Raising money for the current activities can be a tough job though we can easily differentiate from the many other charities out there. Marajowi is a totally transparent organisation. There are no hidden administrative costs and 100% of the donated money are destined to the selected cause. We know our children. We have seen them grow, struggle, cry, laugh and become what they are today. That’s what we like to do and what we will keep on doing…with their and your help!

2 thoughts on “Business meeting”

  1. I feel as we are doing nothing though praised and thanks for this. To me you deserve many thanks (in other ways I could say 5 stars hahahaha) for the great work your are doing towards this project. The kids where no ones but now they some ones, they were hopeless but you brought hope in them.
    I hope all three of us, we will never disappoint you, we together make a strong bridge
    All the best

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