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Children selected for the shelter

As agreed the children have been selected to attend the shelter. Below their names and personal history, as received from Gresham.

  1. Natasha Mwenda: (10 years old; standard 6). She is intelligent and always willing to learn more. She stays with both her parents and none of them does anything apart from gardening. As a consequence, they depend completely on small jobs given to them by others. They are seven in their family.
  2. Grace Mwase: (8 years old; standard 2). She lives only with her mum who supports the complete family of 12 people by selling rice on the road side.
  3. Felister Gama: (10 years old). She has been attending the shelter since it was opened. She is often sick with malaria, but is a very bright girl. She lives only with her mum, since her father passed away. Her mother depends on a small garden to feed the four children.
  4. Mapambo Dingi: (8 years old). She is a very charming little girl and she works hard. She is orphan and she lives with her aunt who, unfortunately, has tubercolosis resistant to drugs.
  5. Prince Ngwira: (11 years and in standard 6). He is one of the sons of Happy the founder of Chimwemwe Umbrella. He was picked for his trying attitude and his love for arts. He lives with both parents who don’t have any stable source of income. The father is just a volunteer in the community, mainly at church, and the mother is just a house wife.
  6. Pilirani Msiska: (12 years;  standard 6). She was attacked by malaria when she was young and her learning ability was disturbed. At times she behaves like she is lunatic.
  7. Chimwemwe Mwenibwibwa: (12 years old; standard 6). She lives with a family of 6 people. Her father passed away when she was 3 years old and they all depend on their mother effort of growing rice on a very small plot. Her mother is HIV positive. Chimwemwe is aspiring to become a banker.
  8. Nolice Thindwa: (8 year old and in standard 3). They are two in their family and she stays with their mother who is HIV+ and depends on well-wishers to earn a living. She is vulnerable to malaria.
  9. Blenda Mhone: it was not possible to establish her exact age, but she must be between 6 and 8. She is in standard 2 and she doesn’t know anything about her parents. She is staying with her grandmother who runs a small restaurant just close to the shelter school.
  10. Chikumbutso: (10 years; standard 4). She was found to be HIV+ when she was born and she is always on and off. She stays with very old grandparents who can hardly supports her. She is not happy staying with them but she has no choice. At least at the shelter she is some what at peace. She stays with 10 siblings.
  11. Prisca Kapunda: (born on the 2nd april 2002; standard 2). She is an orphan and she stays with her step mother who is very harsh on her. Her biological mother passed away and her father remarried just before passing away.
  12. Claire Thawi (10 years; standard 6). She lives with single mother together with her 3 relatives. She is a hard worker and very much promising. In the class she scores above average in most of the subjects.
  13. Ulemu Chanza She is one of Ramos’s sisters.  She is a good learner and creative, she often suffers from malaria and has several headaches.
  14. Grace Jungu (6 years; standard 3). She is a bright girl who stays only with  her father. However, he is hardly around and hardly takes care of her and of the other children. She  aspiring to become a lawyer.
  15. Koleta Mwasangwale (8 years; standard 3). She is the daughter of Mrs Mwasangwale the school teacher. She is always with her mother when coming to school so we cannot avoid her. On the other hand, she works as all the children and she is treated the same. She is average.
  16. Violet Siwake (10 years; standard 6). She is coming from a family of two, but with  a single mother who is running a small scale business of selling second hand clothes.
  17. Eastery Mhone: (born on 21st February 2003).  She is often attacked by malaria due to her poor living conditions. She has one sibling and stays with mother and father who do nothing.
  18. Memory Banda: (9 years old; standard 5). She stays with her grandmother. Just from her looks she is not that healthy and you can tell that she is malnourished. She is not good at following things, but she is always willing to learn.
  19. Bertha Phiri: (12 years old; standard 6).  The mother who takes care of the household has a small business of selling dry beans and supporting an extended family of 12 people, including cousins.
  20. Philip Jiya: (13 years old).  His family is composed of 6 people who stay with both parents. However the father has TB thus leaving the whole care in the hands of a mother who works as a cleaner at the hospital. Phillip is bright and is wishing to become the next president.
  21. Caroline Banda: (9 years old).  She lives with mother and father who are just farmers and to support the whole family of 6 is an uphill task. In class she is a hard worker and has a passion for arts.
  22. Luwisi Masina: (10 years old; standard 6).  He was born in a family of 8 and stays with the grandmother since both parents passed away with AIDS.
  23. Nelia Mhone: (born on 20th January 2003; standard 4).  She is the third born in a family of 5.  Her mother is the only one working in the family. She is a really hard worker and one of the pupils who is always on time. She is attacked by malaria very often.
  24. Annie Chirwa: (11 years).  She is aspiring to become an electrical engineer. She stays with mother only who only does casual jobs like cleaning people’s houses and washing to earn a living for a family of 6. It is said the father run away to an unknown place, leaving the family behind.
  25. Ruben Msyali: (13 years old; standard 7).  He has all the future open before him but the big challenge is that the single mother taking care of the family cannot manage to give all the 7 children proper care, mainly when it comes to education.
  26. Cathy: (12 years old). From a family of 7 completely dependend on their grandmother who sells groundnuts on a vey small scale.
  27. Vicor Manda: (11 years old; standard 6). He lives with both parents. The father works at a small shop and with the small salary he gets there is not enough support for  their extended family. At school he works pretty well.
  28. Junior Mpasa: (10 years old; standard 4).  He lives with both parents. He has a very big problem with asthma and the parents are failing to do anything. As a consequence, he misses a lot of lessons at school and he is always behind. 
  29. Watson Msuka: (7 years old).  He cannot tell anything of his background, Now  he stays with his grandmother. He is playful but has a rare leadership quality.

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