Christmas Raffle


Christmas is coming: what better than a raffle to win some goodies you can then eat together with your friends and family? That’s exactly what we are planning at Marajowi.

The rules are very easy: buy a ticket (just 3 EUR!!) and cross your fingers. The winners will be announced on 15th December.

There are 3 prizes: a mix of different italian goodies (sweet and savoury), a piece of 30months old Parmisan or 0.5L  extra virgin olive oil. Good isn’t it? All the details are in the picture.

Want to join? You can join if you live in the Randstad (or if you are a regular in Utrecht). Tell us how many tickets you want to buy (we have 500 so the more you buy the higher the chances to win) and we will reserve them for you. Cost of one ticket: 3 EUR.

What are you waiting for? Buy your raffle ticket now!

All the proceeds of this raffle will be used to support Kattie.

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