Climbing up to Kakumbi

Wit's family

Witness and Joyce live on the other side of the hill (and of town) as compared to Ramos. This part of Nkhata Bay is known as the village of Kakumbi. It is quite some climbing up a rather steep muddy hill to get there, but the welcoming is as warm as ever.

We are soaked wet from the rain, but the smiles of Wit’s grandma make us forget everything. She has a very strong bond with Wit and we are really relieved to hear that she is now completely recovered (she has not been well lately). Her mood is also excellent and we all laugh when after seeing her pictures she says ‘I am the most beautiful!’.

Wit’s cousin recently had a baby and of course we take pictures with them too. More and more kids from the family run in to meet us. Some of them were coming to the shelter in 2010 and now are fully grown men/women. It is nice to meet them again, but very challenging to recognise them at times. We give the presents to Wit’s grandma and move further to meet Joyce’s family.

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