Marajowi Education,Local events Closing ceremony before the Christmas break

Closing ceremony before the Christmas break

Closing ceremony Bandawe 2011

On the last day of school before the Christmas holidays, there was a year closing ceremony at both the schools.

At the Wukani Education Facillity. Ramos, Witness and Joyce took active part to it. Gresham tells us the ceremony was very lively. Both the children and Gresham were impressed with what the Owner and Director of the school said. First he appreciated the effort the parents, guardians and sponsors are doing by paying a fortune to enable those children to obtain a good education. Then he warned against feeding them with a silver spoon. All the students should be taught to work hard and earn what they need. In this way only they will become independent and will not depend on others for everything.

After the ceremony it was time to put everything in a taxi and go home back to Nkhata Bay.

At  Bandawe they had a special closing ceremony and all the parents were invited to attend it. They had a workshop about how to deal with the children during the 3 weeks of the Christmas holidays. They also spent a night at the school with them. Basically they were taught some basic sign language to be able to understant the children’s need during the time they will be at home.

Malita is a Bandawe for only a few months. During this period she has greatly improved. Now she can communicate in an effective way with the sign language and she can also write some symbols. The teachers are giving her some special care, but her diet still needs to be improved and possibly implemented with some vitamin tablets.

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