Marajowi Uncategorised Coca cola: a day out to its factory in Mzuzu

Coca cola: a day out to its factory in Mzuzu

Bottles moving on a conveyer

On the 27th May all the children of the shelter travelled together with Marajowi and Gresham to the Coca Cola company in Mzuzu. Mzuzu is only 47km from Nkhata Bay, but this is a distance that hardly any kid had travelled before. As a consequence it was already a unique experience.

The kids were shown around the factory, each processing step was explained and they could see the water treatment plant and the filling station among others. At the end they were offered a drink they could enjoy in the sun.


After the visit of the plant, all the kids went to the Wukani Education Facility which Ramos, Joyce and Witness are now attending. There is a big playground there and they invaded with their laughter and games in no time. The local students were a bit puzzled. After a group photo it was time to go back to Nkhata Bay. Once at the shelter the kids made some drawing of what they saw today.

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