Dinner with the kids and Clement

Dinner all together

While we are here it is good to sit all together with Clement and the kids. That’s why tonight we have dinner all together.

In front of Clement the kids get rather shy and lose quite of the spontaneity they have by now acquired with us. It is understandable however, since for them Clement represents the authority. And he likes to be seen like that too.

Overall however, we have a nice time together. They all confirm that the cooperation is going well between them and that they are satisfied and glad about Marajowi.

As always Gift eats a huge portion of food. Katie takes the chance of having my phone to send some messages to her sponsors. Suddenly the sky gets very dark. A thunderstorm is brewing, so we all quickly go back home. Katie and Gift go back with Clement while we walk back in the same direction with Ramos, Wit and Joyce. Just enough time to exchange a few jokes.

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