Energy Crisis Hits Hard on Malawi

Cars queue at petrol stations


Malawi has had fuel shortages since April as global fuel price rises and a shortage of foreign exchange currency leave the government struggling to pay for petrol imports. Problems have escalated over the past week as petrol stations across the country report running out of petrol. This means that Malawians have to rely on smuggled fuel from Mozambique (where available) plus higher and higher prices.

This crisis adds on the difficulties to a country where life is already hard, to say the least. Cost of life is everyday higher, availability of goods is less and less and now also fuel is scarce. This all situation is hard for the all country, but certainly for our kids too.

Gift and Stella are going daily to school with the schoolbus, if Katie wants to travel home, she also needs transportation. Witness is now in Chinteche far from his family. Things are getting difficult also for Clement to go and visit the kids while in school or in Nkhata Bay. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a solution yet for this crisis.

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