Exploring Nkhata Bay

Children looking at the horizon

Exploring Nkhata bay is the only activity we planned for today. It is really nice to be here again and even nicer to see how the village has changed, developed and improved. The main road is now perfect, with no potholes and even a sidewalk. There are many more shops and people seem to be better taken care of. The first impression is definitely a good one.

As Clement messages us, it is a sentimental journey… the shelter where everything started is no longer there. A bus depot has now taken its place. The little restaurant where we had all our meals every time we came closed down and Big Blue, our first hostel, is completely dilapidated. However, it is simply great to see that Benson is still well and running his activity of shoe repair; it is heart-warming to see that the people you meet on the street still have the same spirit. The kids want to have a picture, more adult men sometimes too 😉 And hearing their names really puts a smile on our faces. The winner today definitely is Happy Coconut (yes, that’s his name!!).

A grown up man stops us on the street telling us that he was with us at the shelter (honestly we don’t remember him). We meet Chisomo, also one of the kids at the shelter, completely grown up now and owner of a small stall at the market. He sells salt and soap and is in really good shape. We walk up the village to meet Peter from the school of the visually impaired. He really is the wisest man in town, always smiling and positive. Three of his 4 girls are now at the university, the 4th has to repeat the last year of school. Only Effie and Grace are around at this time and talking with them is like travelling back in time.


We take our chance to go and meet Frighton at his copy shop. It is the first time we meet him in person and the first impression is a good one.

Exhausted by the 12 km we walked so far and by the extreme heat, we decide it is time to have a swim in the lake. The best choice ever…


Of course we close the day with a plate of rice. Tomorrow we are going to meet our kids. We can’t wait for it….

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