Fun on the way

Group walking back to town

The kids are in good mood today. We really managed to break the ice with all of them finally. Gift is definitely the best…. he studied us for a few days and now he understood he can ‘dare’. So when we start joking with Joyce and Katie about their crushes, Gift tells us all their secrets. We also smile and joke about Ramos and Wit’s love stories and pull their legs here and there. The names to use and Ckiku (or is it Innocent) for Joyce, Mustafa for Kattie, Mercy for Ramos and Florence for Wit. Git’s best friend is Antony.

While walking back to town we meet some of their friends and take some pictures.


Gift and Kattie have not eaten anything today so far. So we go back to the restaurant. The two of them are really hungry. The rest already had one meal, so they ask to if they can bring their portion home to their families. These days they feel guilty, since they eat and drink daily, while the rest of their siblings don’t….

Bringing food home


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