Marajowi Donate


Marajowi is entirely dependent on the generosity of individual supporters. Choose today the gift you want to donate. Even a small 5 EUR donation can have a significant impact in the life of the Marajowi community.

You also have the possibility to donate items. If you are interested please contact us to arrange an eventual shipment.

Reasonably new laptops and unlocked smartphones (with chargers) in good working order would be very useful.

Good quality nearly new children’s clothes suitable for a warm climate, picture and reference books for primary school age groups and educational toys and games (but only in English!!) are all gratefully received in Malawi. Here they are distributed within the families of the children we support or to the Bandawe School for the Hearing Impaired.

However, let’s not forget that the main goal of Marajowi is to provide education, so that these children can eventually become independent. It is essential for them to understand they should not rely on others for the rest of their lives, but do their own best to achieve their dreams.

Check more in details our current financial situation.