Marajowi Financial situation

Financial situation


Please note that we update this page every quarter. As a consequence, your latest donation might not be displayed yet. If you want to see an overview of the financial situation of Marajowi for one of the past years, drop us an email. We will be glad to share it with you.

The overview below reports the financial situation for the current school year (September 2022-August 2023). As a consequence on the graphs 1 corresponds to September, 2 to October and so on, till 12 which represents August.

Ramos has started his business already. He still needs our support because of continuous electricity shortage and thus luck of work. The rent of his shop is approximately 40 EUR/month.

Joyce and Wit are going to school close to their homes, so they are no longer in need of transportation.

As you can see we do send money to Bandawe to cover for Malita’s school fees and for her needs. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to source fundings also so that all the students can have milk (3 times per week) and meat (once per week) but we would like to start that up again. The costs are approximately 40 EUR/week for the meat and 60 EUR/week for the milk, considering 80 students. If you are interested to help of have ideas for some alternative fundraising let us know.