They are great dancers!

Everyone at Ilala bay

There are dancers and dancers and the Marajowi kids definitely are great dancers!

Today we go to Ilala Bay. It is just in the middle of the village, but it is a bit more isolated from the main road and there are not many people passing by and looking at us. We are thankful for that and the kids are happy too. Being observed the all day is not easy for everyone 😉

It takes a bit to let go of the very last bit of shyness they still have with us. Joyce starts dancing and after her performance everyone loosens up. Ramos and Wit dance together in a nice ‘robot-like’ dance. Gift and Kattie seem to have the time of their life.

We unanimously decide Gift deserves a present. So he gets a crown and he is really proud of it!

This is really a nice way to say goodbye. We will miss them and we know they will miss us too.

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