Handwritten boarding passes

Handwritten boarding passes

Ever had handwritten boarding passes for a flight in your hands? Well, fly out from Malawi and this might be the case. These two weeks have been exhausting, but wonderful. Reaching Nkhata Bay has been really long. Leaving luckily is not equally difficult fortunately, but it certainly is peculiar.

The flight is due to board in 10min and we are still all waiting in line at the check in desk: why? Well to write each and every single boarding pass by hand does take time.

Luckily this is the only flight in the airport for this morning, so there is no hurry, no rush. This is one of the nice things of Africa after all.

Immediately after take off, we fly above Lake Malawi. We can’t help it, our hearts are there… Ramos sends us a selfie. They are also thinking about us…

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