Marajowi Ramos


Ramos Scott Chanza was born on the 14th of October 2000. When we met him, he was a 10 year old very lively boy. He was born in Mulanje. His family moved to Nkhata Bay when his father found a job there as a fisherman. By now Ramos has 8 more siblings. His parents did their best, but for them it has always been a challenge to feed and take care of them all in a proper way. In these last years things became even more difficult since Ramos’s father started drinking  and spending all his money on it. Back in 2010 Ramos attended the fourth year of a public school, but he could hardly read and write. Marajowi was able to enrol him to the Wukani Education Facility School in the hope to grant him a better future. It took him some time, but Ramos managed to graduate from it and in 2019 he successfully completed  secondary school in 2021. Through the years he became very dedicated to his studying and developed a very deep interested in IT and all what is related with computers. For this reason, once secondary school was completed, he also completed a professional course to learn how to repair mobiles, computers and other small electronic items. Last June he started his own business. We are currently still supporting him to allow him to reach a stable situation.

If he would win a lottery, Ramos would buy a proper house for his family, help his siblings finish school, open a computer shop and an orphanage for the many unlucky children who are around in Nkhata Bay.