Supporting the Rotterdam runners


Ramos, Joyce and Witness react really enthusiastically to the news that a group of people is going to run 15km for them. So when we tell them we have colours and a piece of clothes to draw on they are really eager to put their artistic skills into practice. We quickly head to our hostel to start. Understanding how water colours work delays them a bit. However once they get the grip of it, letters and drawings appear magically on the white pieces of cloth.

Ramos concentrates on the banner: Marajowi, the names of the kids, what he thinks the skyline of Rotterdam looks like, the runners and the finish line.

Joyce goes for a more girly approach with flowers and decorations and finally the sentence ‘you are all the best’.

Wit helps them both. At the end they are pretty enthusiastic of their work.

We are sure the thought of this will keep us going when the run will get tough! Thanks Ramos, Wit and Joyce!

What about you? Are you going to support us too?

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