Katie is Happy

Christmas break for schools has already started in Malawi and kids went back home. Katie is among them. Finally able to communicate directly with us (through the mobile of her cousin) she sent some very heartwarming messages.

The school she is in at Kande is completely to her liking. They are serious, they study hard, but they also have fun. She is to say the least grateful of the chances Marajowi has given her. We were then even happier to tell her what a success the Raffle had been. Good work!


She told us that also Favour (Clement’s daughter) is equally happy at the school. We do hope she will be able to keep on attending that school, since we hear Clement is in big financial problems. The vegetable garden is not going as well as expected, since he doesn’t have enough money to keep it pest free. We keep our fingers crossed and we do hope some support might materialise.

Like Katie, also Joyce is starting to enjoy the Christmas holidays. This year she will be a few days at Likoma with her family.

Stella and Gift are also at home. Also this time Gift won’t be able to go back to Nkhata Bay, since his school break is too short. Last years will have a long break in the summer (May to September) but before then have to work hard. Nevertheless he is happy and healthy too.

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