Katie’s and Gift’s great results

Katie’s and Gift’s results this trimester were simply great. The school reports were distributed soon before they went back to Nkhata Bay for holidays. This trimester they performed really well. We are very proud and we of course hope they will keep it up!

Just before leaving for holidays, Kattie also wrote us a nice letter where she explained her plans during her days off. This is what she wrote ” When I go for holidays I will be helping my mother to do some works, because she has done the works alone for a long time. When I wake up early in the morning I will be doing some words and then bathing and then studying. I will also be playing with my friends”.

We do hope she will be having a good time!

In the meanwhile, Joyce is still at school. She won’t have a break this Easter, but extra classes since this is her last year of primary school and she has to get ready for the final exams.

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