Last thing to do before leaving

Malita's house

There is one last thing we need to do before leaving. We need to go and greet Malita’s mum at her place.

To be honest, after having met Malita and having had once more the confirmation that she is abandoned to herself, we really don’t feel like going. However, Stuart asks us to go. If we go, Malita’s mother will think we still care of her. She will still have hope one day we will do something for her. This is the only reason why she is allowing Stuart to take complete care of Malita. If we fail in our mission, Stuart may come into troubles. So we put up our best smile and go. Frighton comes with us too to translate.

Malita’s mum’s house is as dilapidated as always. Malita’s sister is just laying outside. Her aunt also hanging around. They are absolutely enthusiastic about seeing us. They even have a small present for us. Malita’s mum tells us how grateful she is for what we are doing for Malita. She insists she is really worried for her daughter, since she loves her so much. If only any of this words would be true… However, we have done our part. We leave to Stuart the most difficult one: take complete care of Malita and act as a family for her.

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