Lunjika Secondary School

We are really looking forward to meet Ramos and Witness at Lunjika Secondary school today. However the journey there turns out to be much longer than expected. We travel one hour south of Mzuzu and then approximately one more hour along a dirty road across mountains and acacia forests. They really picked a place in the middle of nowhere…

We have to do things very formally today, with the principal of the school around. This however doesn’t prevent Wit and Ramos from jumping to our neck when they see us. We are all really really happy to see each other again.

To our surprise (since they didn’t tell us anything about it yet) they complain a lot about the place. The teaching is very good, but the place is literally in the middle of nowhere. We could not agree more!! They also tell us they get to eat meat only once per month and for the rest their diet is based on nsima (corn flower).

While we chat there is a huge thunderstorm. Afterwards we go for a walk around the school.  It is a ‘classic’ place for Malawi: computer rooms, dorms (really bad!!), an hospital for all the villages around and a church (where both Ramos and Witness sing).


After all this it is time to leave, but Ramos and Wit will reach us tomorrow in Nkhata Bay again. Looking forward! Now we head to Wukani Education Facility to meet Joyce, Katie and Gift.


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