Make someone smile this Christmas


Christmas is the time of the year when we exchange gifts with all those we love. Why not sending a small present also to those who otherwise won’t receive any? You can make a difference today!

We have created a Wish list on Amazon for all our boys and girls in Malawi. We asked them what they wanted or needed and the result is on the link.

Ideally it would be nice if you shop for them before Christmas, but the list will remain active also afterwards. So, take your rime, browse through the list and pick the items you like the most. Bought items will disappear from the list, so don’t be afraid to buy something which is not needed anymore. Also the receiver address (Clement’s) will appear automatically among your addresses after you have placed your items in the basket. The advice, if possible, is to make your purchases from, since shipment costs are lower and the items we selected are available for shipment to Malawi. If you shop from other Amazon countries there might be hick-ups, but nothing that can’t be sorted out. Let us know in case.

Make someone smile this Christmas and send a gift.


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