Malita’s health

Malita at schoolMalita’s health is always a source of concern for us. Luckily lately we had some sort of good news.  Thanks to Clement’s connections within the hospital, Stuart was able to bring Malita to St John hospital in Mzuzu for a check up.  This was decided after it became clear that for a specialist would not visit Bandawe.

Unfortunately we did not get too many details about the visit itself. However the conclusion was that the doctor could not see any other issue in the already complex medical situation Malita has. According to him, there is nothing more to worry about and everything what has been done so far is correct.

He suggested to Stuart to try and focus more on Malita’s vocational skills so that in the future she can get more chances of being able to support herself.

We will keep a close eye to this situation and make sure that Malita is taken proper care of.

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