Marajowi picking shoes

Wit and Gift

Before leaving to Malawi we had made a call for shoes. Your response was amazing and we were able to ship two full boxes of shoes their way.

On this partially rainy day, Ramos, Joyce and Wit are with us in our hut at Mayoka. We take the chance to make them try some shoes on. We don’t have many pairs with us (just those which did not fit in the boxes), but they are overenthusiastic about ¬†them. They all find something they like!

It has stopped raining so we go for lunch. We have quite some fun while eating. They are all very relaxed and chatty today and it is a pleasure to spend time with them.

Time to walk up to Frighton’s shop where all the other shoes are. Also Gift and Katie join us there. They can all pick two pairs of shoes… Unfortunately Gift has no luck, since there are no shoes of his size.


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