Marajowi Uncategorised Shopping mosquito nets and school uniforms

Shopping mosquito nets and school uniforms

Joyce Ramos and Witness in front of the Wukani Education Facility

In order to improve Malita’s quality of life at Bandawe school, we go shopping for different items. We can buy some of them, like the mosquito net, sugar, rice, powder milk, vitamin porridge, Nkhata Bay/ For the rest we need to go back to Mzuzu. Here only can we  find a mattress, some mineral rich baby food and some snacks.

Since we bought mosquito nets also for Ramos, Witness and Joyce, we decide to go and quickly give them to them. With this excuse we also check whether they have already been given the uniform. That is not the case. We manage to quickly arrange it together with Joyce’s teacher. Last but not least we take a last shot with the kids really happy to see us again.

Since tomorrow it is Ramos’s birthday we also buy a ball for him, but we leave that in his dormitory. We tell him to check for his surprise at the end of the lessons. He has no idea that tomorrow it is his birthday and does not really understand why we want to gift him on that day. However he is very intrigued at the idea of the surprise. This time it is an happy goodbye!

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