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Mid terms exams just passed and both Katie and Gift did pretty well. Katie passed English, social, Chichewa and biology with good marks, whereas she failed agriculture, geography and social studies. Also Gift failed in social studies and in physics too. For all the other subjects he had pretty good marks, with biology (his favourite subject) being 79 (100 is the max).

Gift and Katie borrow books at school to study, but the library allows them to keep the books only for a week. This means there are times when no books are available. It is for this reason that we decided to use some funds to buy them some books. They suggested that the most convenient way would be to get them at Mrs Kachule’s shop. She makes pamphlets suitable for Kunyanja and her shop is not expensive. So we could help her by buying somethings from her shop and also help the kids with new books: the best combination!

We bought for them the following books: Biology, Physics, Geography, Math and Chemistry for Form 1 (Gift) and Biology and Agricolture for Form 3 (Katie). Both of them were extremely happy and promised to study even hard from now on. We are really proud of them especially of Katie, who is taking up a lot of responsibilities. She was the one who went to select the books, check they were of the proper quality and brought them back to Gift.

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