New mums and malawian traditions

Catherine's baby and new mums

Thanks to our kids we are slowly getting to know more and more local malawian traditions. What happens for example after your first child is born? New mums get a party where they are celebrated. Quite a nice tradition!

Not too long ago, two children were born in Wit’s family. Catherine (a cousin of his) got a baby. We met her when we visited Wit’s house. Also William (Wit’s uncle) just got a girl. We got the chance to meet her while in Nkhata Bay. Just before Christmas a party was organised for both the new mums.

Wit was among the guests and he sent us this video. The quality is not excellent, but it certainly gives a good idea of the event.

The ladies are dancing, while someone is praising them. All the people present can donate some money to the ladies. According to what we heard from Wit, these two ladies were really lucky. They managed to put together a nice sum of money: 1076 MK….approximately 1.5 EUR…

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