Marajowi Joyce


Joyce when we first met herJoyce Mbewe was born on the 28th April 2003 in Nkhata Bay. When we met her, back in 2010, Joyce was a 7 year old sweet and shy girl, who wanted to be a princess. She lived only with her mother since her father abandoned them long ago. As many other Malawian families, her family was too large to be cared of by a single mother selling fries by the road side. As a consequence she lived in very poor conditions and was continuously affected by malaria which made her even weaker and more vulnerable. In these last yers, Joyce has been attending the Wukani Education Facility and we noticed great improvements not only in her education, but also in her behaviour and health. In June 2019 she graduated from Primary School and has now started the last years of secondary School in Lilongwe.

Delighted to have new shoesToday she is a very talkative and smiling girl who knows exactly what she wants. When back in Nkhata Bay she now stays in her old house with her aunt and 14 more siblings. A few years ago her mum moved to South Africa and that had a huge impact on Joyce. Still today her biggest dream is to go to South Africa to meet her… she misses her a lot! At school Joyce gets very good marks…. when she wants!?! Unfortunately, her efforts are never constant through the year and her school curriculum is has a lot of peaks but also a lot of valleys. Currently Joyce is living along in a student house and attending secondary school in Nkhata Bay.