Mtisunge in one of the corridors of her universityMtisunge Masina is the latest and most unexpected addition to the Marajowi family. Mtisunge was born on the 6th August 1997 and she was working in a restaurant as waitress the first time she heard about Marajowi, in december 2017. At that time she was just admitted in the University of Lilongwe at the Bachelor of Science of Environmental Management, but had no money to pay the tuition fees. After looking up some information on Marajowi, its vision and mission she contacted us. We told her that we would not have been able to help her, but around the same time we were also approached by a potential donor. She is working for women and with women and was interested in sponsoring a girl. The selected girl had to meet very specific requirements though. She had to be a well determined young lady, who knew what she wanted from life. Moreover, it had to be possible to communicate with her directly so that she could share with a community of women far away her own dreams and difficulties. Unfortunately, none of the girls sponsored at that time met all the requirements, but Mtisunge did. She was part of Marajowi till summer 2019. Afterwards, for some reason she cut communication and we had to drop her. We know she is fine and wish her best of luck!