Witness Mphande was born not the 1st of January 2001. When we first met him he was a very smart 9 year old boy. His parents abandoned him when he was 8 months old. His aunt took care of him since then. She had a small business selling corn at the market in attempt to sustain a family of 12 people. Witness was the youngest one and for this reason he got only the left overs, which often meant living in extremely poor conditions. He was constantly hungry, since he hardly got anything to eat. When very young he had to catch fishes from the lake with his own hands to get some food. Despite this he was always smiling and caring for the others.

Thanks to your help, Witness was able to enrol at Wukani Education Facility and he successfully graduated from it in 2015. Now after some ups and downs, he is attending the third year of the secondary school together with Ramos at Lidoma. He is still a very sweet, shy, caring and smiling young man, but he is no longer hungry, he has clothes to wear and all his family is very proud of him.