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With approximately 170 items in display the Silent Auction is now officially waiting for your bid. Place your bid now or choose for the ‘Buy Now’ option if you want to make sure a certain item will be yours.


With Christmas coming up, there are plenty of options to pick for a nice present for your loved ones or, (why not?) for yourself!

Are you a food lover? Pick among the workshops, tasting sessions and ready dishes/vouchers available. Do you have a sweet tooth? Don’t miss the cakes then!  Do you want to start the new year with a new proposition? Do you want to start dancing, improve a foreign language, get to know more about the challenges of bilingual kids? We might have the right options for you! Would you like to treat your children with a slime workshop? Or your dog with a  care package? Are you planning on a new hobby or do you just want to find the perfect gift basket to give? Do you feel like a new necklace, bracelet or ring? Are you in for some handcrafted items? Browse our collection. Last but not least are you in for something a bit more cultural? You can go explore new museums, enjoy a theatre play, visit an artist’s hub, pick among different work of arts and even get a guided tours in a dutch or a foreign city. Just want to relax and enjoy beer tasting or joux de boules? This is also possible!


Sign up on the auction website and make sure you click the button which allows you to be authorised to bid. Place your bid and keep an eye on it (so that now one steals your favourite item from you). On the 30th of november, the highest bidders will be the fortunate winners.

Winning bidders will then have to pay (via the same website). Once this is done, we will put you in contact with the person/organization offering the item and you can agree on the details directly.

JUST REMEMBER: gifts baskets and actual items will be available before Christmas. Experiences (tours, dinners, workshops etc) will be organised before the 30th May 2020 (unless otherwise indicated) and in agreement with you.

YOU CAN FORWARD THIS LINK TO YOUR FRIENDS BUT YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEM (to pay). Also, please, if you forward the link let us know. We will not authorise to bid anyone we don’t know who is not referred to us (by you).


We are deeply grateful for the generosity of all the organisations and private people who made this Auction possible. Without you we would not have had 170 items on display. THANKS!

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