School reports: it was a fantastic school year!

Gift with his grandmother, Joyce and Katie on the last day of school

The school reports are there. They show that this year everyone made a big effort at school and some of the children achieved great results.

Ramos and Witness ended up among the best ones in their class. This is definitely a big achievement for them, especially considering all the struggles they went through last year.

On the 11th July, Malita wrote her first school paper ever. The results were not excellent, but this is anyhow a great step forward for her. Next year she will go to Standard 5, where a full time teacher will be able to support her closely.

Katie did great and will also go to Standard 5 next year. Gift will be able to go to Standard 3. His ‘hardworking spirit’ has been praised by the teachers. Joyce had the usual difficulties. Next year it will be an examination year for her. Let’s hope she will be able to live up to it. Even Stella did well at the nursery where she always goes with great pleasure.


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