Silent Auction Starting Tomorrow

After a lot of preparation, the Silent Auction is Starting Tomorrow. To be more precise, it will start at 1am on 1st november.

We have a huge variety of items in the offer. There certainly is something for everyone!!! As often people have been very creative with their donations and very generous too. This time we could count also on the good heart of some restaurants, pubs, museums, theatres and even travel agents… Getting curious?

To join you can register at: We will have to approve the participants list, so make sure to ask for authorisation at the moment of registration.

Be fast and make sure to bid on your favourite item(s) today. You can spread the word among your friends too, it is no problem. You might have to tell us though, since we have to approve their registration. Only one more thing: if you invite your friends, you are accountable for them too (in case they decide not to pay!).

Once again: Auction starts tomorrow and it will go on till 30th November!

Some items will expire sooner than the auction ends, check them out!

Check also the location where the item will be available before bidding. Activities will take place in different places. Make sure that is good for you!



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