Sinterklaas and Christmas Ideas?

There we go, the time of the year when we go around looking for new ideas for Sinterklaas or Christmas is coming up.

I have recently read in the post of one of my friends that the best presents one can give are experiences, followed by crafted objects. Check our auctions today and you will be able to find something for both!!

Do you feel like experiences authentic mexican food, learn how to make a tagine, have a dinner delivered at your house? Do you want to gift the joys of attending a theatre performance or visiting a museum? Learn a new language or practice one you are not so good at? Trying a new dance style? Going to play jeux de boule? Check our silent auction and you will certainly find something for you and your dear ones.

And the best part of this all is that the money you spend will completely go to charity. It will ensure 60 hearing impaired kids in Malawi have a cup of milk three times a week.

There are only 10 days left. So don’t wait or you might miss your deal!

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