Two boxes full joy


It took almost 2 months for these two boxes to reach Nkhata Bay. The heavy rains of a few weeks ago didn’t help and clearance at the border also took longer than usual. However at the end we made it.

The boxes Wit and Ramos received for their shop are full of cables, old mobiles, unused laptops, chargers and a printer too. They were sent by one of our faithful donors who over the years helped Marajowi more than once! The trend of helping isn’t becoming less important…. these items will be essential in Ramos and Wit’s shop. Some of them they can be sold, helping them making some money. With some other they can boost their business.

The happiness in their eyes (and also in the messages we received from them) is more than obvious. They are already making plans on how to best use everything. We sincerely hope this will help boosting a bit their monthly sales, since so far they have been really tiny (and let’s not forget they are shared).

Proud, thankful and happy at the same time!

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